What is a #wildeseed?

   You are a wildeseed! Wildeseeds are all around us! Being planted every day, every minute and growing, always growing!

W I L D E S E E D S: Simple acts with profound outcomes.

Wilde Canyon is inspired by radical simplicity. By the small voice inside you telling you what's right and what's ready to be made right. It’s inspired by people who answer the call to leave their corner of the world better than they found it. People like CA Representative, Ted Lieu; animal advocate, Marina Shaker; and Michelle, the Greenpeace canvasser who stands in the sun for hours to spread her message of environmentalism.  All these folks are featured above received a tube of balm as a thank you for their dedicated efforts.

Examples of tiny-but-mighty forces abound in Nature. Like the humble milkweed seed. Milkweed are the only plant where monarch butterflies lay their eggs. These Monarchs are necessary pollinators who drive our ecosystem, and produce our food. Those tiny seeds are responsible for so much and now we’ve given them another job. A milkweed seed is in each tube of Wilde Canyon lip balm. It's there to remind us that what goes into our shopping carts goes into our body and into our planet. It’s a wildeseed sowing the notion that even small choices, like buying a lip balm, have big consequences. From compostable containers to stripped down formulas - Wilde Canyon wants to make healthy choices easier.

So now that you know what a wildeseed is . . .

How will you sow your wilde intentions?

Who's wildeseeds will you nurture?

How will you make space for the least among us?