Mni Waconi

I wrote this the day the last warriors were driven from Oceti Sakowin. Long after I had left camp and returned to Los Angeles. It was an emotional day for many of us who could only watch livestreams of our bruised and cold and tired brothers and sisters. And Pray. I wrote this to make us all feel better. Mni Waconi. Water is Life. Agua es Vida. 

Kneel down and breathe deep into your bottom belly. This is a moment to pray for mother earth.

This is only one pipe of many. This is one part of a bigger picture. Feel this sadness that weighs on you today – feel it so deeply that it hurts and burns.

And never forget it.

And tell everyone.

And buy a hybrid, and boycott plastic and say, “no straw please.”

And keep caring for yourself and making art. Because,

Self Care is the Primary Act of Resistance.

We are all just marching together. There is no destination. The valleys are part of the wave, they are not wrong in their very existence.

We are the victors. We have already won. This is NOT a loss for us and you dishonor the warriors by calling it so.

This is our victory.

We are growing our pack and getting stronger. Connecting deeply to one another as the opposition is shaking with doubt. Losing numbers to better paying jobs. Losing soldiers as their hearts turn and they drop to their knees at the sight of us. We are growing. Forgiving one another. Forging bonds and learning each other’s language.

This wasn’t the end. It never was going to be the end.

This is the prologue. To the new beauty. Of our new reality. Where we’re finally family.

Let them take Oceti. We have each other.