Should lip balm last forever?

We don't think so.

Should your lip balm's moisture and protection last on your lips (without feeling greasy?) Yep.

Should the tube be sturdy and stand up to your active lifestyle - and the occasional washing machine? Absolutely.

At Wilde Canyon, we make products that do exactly what they're supposed to do and nothing more. Lip balm should keep your lips happy, without delivering chemicals into your body or supporting politics that you don't. And it should definitely not last forever in a landfill.  Saving the planet just got a little bit easier. 

Meet Amanda, the Founder of Wilde Canyon

I began my journey away from plastic and chemicals years ago and the hardest place to break the cycle was in the bathroom. Eliminating plastic from your life is both possible and practical but it’s not always easy. We’re changing that.

Wilde Canyon offers thoughtful body care that promises to ‘first do no harm’ and then to see how we can help. From sourcing as many organic and GMO free ingredients as possible, to using exclusively compostable packaging - we believe you and the planet deserve the best.  Of course our lip balm is healing, moisturizing, protective, and beautifying. But why stop there?  It’s also 75% organic, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, our labels are printed on Forest-Stewardship-Certified paper with vegetable ink, and it’s all Fair Trade Certified and Made in the USA.

Because anyone can make a lip balm. I wanted to make the best lip balm.